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Biodiversity is the variety of life on earth. As per Convention on Biological Diversity, Biodiversity is the variability among living organisms from all sources including, inter alia, terrestrial, marine and other aquatic ecosystems and the ecological complexes of which they are part; this includes diversity within species, between species and of ecosystems. It is critical to our survival and economic prosperity. Biological resources are essential for maintaining the basic life processes as they not only provide food, medicine and products of commercial and non commercial use, but also provide environmental services like, air & water quality, soil fertility, pest and disease control, waste decomposition etc.


Biodiversity Profile of Punjab

  • Small state with 6.7% of Total Geographic Area under forest and tree cover
  • Major Forest area: Shivaliks and Mand(Wetlands)
  • Three wetland of International importance (Ramsar Sites) and 2 national wetlands located in state
  • Cropland ecosystem dominant in state as 84% area under agriculture 
  • Part of Vavilov`s centre of origin for wheat (north-west India)
  • Large number of flora and fauna recorded from forest,  wetlands and agricultural areas
  • Rich in domesticated plant and animal diversity
  • Biodiversity rich heritage & culture


State Symbols (notified on 15.03.1989)


State Tree

Shisham (Dalbergia sissoo)

State Animal

Black Buck (Antelope cervicapra L.)

State Bird

Baaz (Northern goshawk)