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In Punjab, the vast Indo - Gangetic alluvial plain forms an excellent repository of ground water resources. Ground water in Punjab occurs under both confined and unconfined conditions. The aquifers are laterally and vertically extensive and persistent in nature. In south-western parts, the thickness of fresh water aquifer is much less as compared to the other parts because area is underlain by brackish/saline water. At places, the thickness of fresh water bearing aquifer is even less than 10 m.

 Satluj Beas and Ravi are the perennial rivers of the Indus system, which flows through Punjab that 9 3 together carry 40.5 x 10 m of. Ghaggar is the seasonal river. Himalayan glaciers melt account for about 58 percent of the source water supply of these rivers. All these rivers are tapped by using dams at different levels in the catchment areasand stored water is utilized for irrigation through a strong network of canals in the command areas.

Water Resources in Punjab

Source : Department of Irrigation, Punjab