Our Earth is the only planet in the Universe where life is possible till date. It is very necessary to maintain the natural assets of the earth in order to continue the life on the earth. World Earth Day is celebrated every year as an annual event by the people all across the world on April 22nd to increase the awareness among people about the importance of the planet earth and environment safety as well as to demonstrate the environmental protection measures.

First time, the world earth day was celebrated in the year 1970 and since then about 192 countries are celebrating the same. The celebration of World Earth Day was started by a peace activist of the San Francisco named John McConnell to get together for the environmental safety. John McConnell had chosen this event to be celebrated in the spring equinox on 21st of March in 1970 whereas United States Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson had chosen this event to be celebrated on 22nd of April in 1970.

A particular theme is selected for the celebration of Earth Day by Earth Day Network, the organization that leads Earth Day worldwide. The current year’s theme is “End Plastic Pollution”. Since the most significant environmental problem faced by our planet today is plastic pollution.

Small changes in lifestyle like simply choosing to recycle, reuse, or avoiding plastic altogether can be a great start to reduce the plastic waste. In addition, cutting back plastic consumption and making small changes like walking instead of driving, taking shorter showers, ditching plastic straws, unplugging appliances when not in use or even planting a tree can  reduce our ecological footprint and beneficial for our healthy living on planet earth.

Following are the few suggested activities to celebrate the earth day:

  • New trees plantation at required places.
  • Do some outdoor activities with your family such as making the home for a bird on the tree and discuss their role in the ecosystem.
  • Motivate people to reduce the use of plastic bags to avoid the soil and water pollution.
  • Teach your children about the recycling and reuse of the old materials.
  • Take part in picking up the wastes from streets, parks and other places.
  • Take part in the amusement activities like singing a song related to the Earth safety to attract more people to the event celebration.
  • Take part in the educational sessions like seminars, discussions and other competitive activities related to the safety of natural resources of the earth.
  • Motivate people by wearing green, brown or blue clothes for displaying the environmental colors.
  • Promote people for energy conservation by various practical means.
  • Teach people that every day of their life is earth day, so they should take care of the earth on daily basis.