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Wild diversity or wildlife means undomesticated and uncultivated life including both plants and animals in their natural habitat.


Source: State Biodiversity Strategy & Action Plan

Wild animals: Sambhar, Nilgai, Black buck, Wild boar, Barking deer, Hog deer, Jungle cat, Jackal, Rhesus monkey, Hare, Fishing cat, Indian squirrel, Mongoose, Smooth Indian otter, Cobra, Indian pangolin, Python, Rat snake, Monitor lizard, Gardan lizard, Chital, Indian porcupine and few sighting of Leopard also reported recently in Shivalik hills areas adjoining to Himachal Pradesh.

Birds: Black partridge, Grey partridge, Brahminy myna, Common quail, Grey partridge, Peafowl, Rose ringed parakeet, Jungle babbler, Spotted owlet, Dove, Bar headed goose, Common pochard, White eyed pochard, Fishing eagle, Indian skimmer, Blue winged teal, Red munia, Syke’s nightjar, Whistling teal, White-eyed pochard, Red jungle fowl, Coot, Green parakeet, Indian cormorant, Indian robin, Red vented bulbul, White breasted kingfisher, White rumped vulture, Shikra, Brahminy duck, Gadwall, Pintail, Jack snipe, Fantail snipe, Mallard &  Nothern shoveler.

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