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The major rivers (perennial) with a water potential of about 14.54 Million Acre Feet(MAF)

    • Sutlej
    • Beas
    • Ravi
    • Ghagger(seasonal)

14,500 kms long canal network with six major canals and about 1,00,000 km water courses with total Culturalable Command Area of 30.88 Lacs hectares  

    • Upper Bari Doab Canal
    • Bist Doab Canal
    • Sirhind Canal
    • Bhakra Main Canal
    • Bikaner Canal
    • Ferozepur Canal

8000 kms long drainage network

    • White Bein( East Bein)
    • Kali Bein ( West Bein)
    • Sakki Nallah
    • Kiran Nallah
    • Buddha Nallah
    • Siswan Nadi
    • Patiala Nadi
    • Jallalabad Drain
    • Numerous choes ( Shiwalik/ Kandi Area)

21 Wetlands covering an area 155.78 sq. km  ( 0.30 % TGA of state)

    • 12 natural wetlands
    •  9 man-made wetlands including 3 Ramsar sites i.e Harike, Ropar and Kanji

4952 village ponds

    • 1821 ponds with an area more than 2.5 ha each
    •  3113 ponds with an area less than 2.5 ha each

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Surface water quality

Water quality in the aquatic ecosystems of Punjab is being monitored by the Punjab Pollution Control Board at 37 locations on the rivers Sutlej, Beas, Ravi and Ghagger. The monitoring is being carried out under the MINARS scheme of CPCB. At each monitoring location, samples are collected every quarter (in the months of January, April, July and October) and analysed for physico-chemical parameters. The river wise data is as under:

  • River Satluj
    • Monitoring stations: 15
  • River Beas
    • Monitoring stations: 9
  • River Ravi
    • Monitoring stations: 1
  • River Ghagger
    • Monitoring stations: 12
  • Harike Wetland
  • Monitoring stations: 3
For Irrigation Details in Punjab
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