The CEN program is operated since 2006 in the State. NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) has launched a series of satellites (called the A- train) for study of clouds and global climate under NASA Earth Science Enterprise. NASA has involved school students globally for ground truthing of data generated by the satellites. Eight schools from Punjab, India is participating in this Program. The Centre with the help of State Institute of Science and Education (SISE), Punjab identified 2 clusters of schools in Mohali and Jalandhar. The Centre sends dates of satellite pass over for cloud watching to the schools. The schools observe, record data and sent the same to scientists. Two articles have been published:

  • in the Magazine of American Embassy “SPAN” in September / October, 2009 issue.
  • in booklet on ”Use of ICT in Education for Sustainable Development: Climate Eduxchange” a TERI DELL Intiative during 2012.