ENVIS Centre, PSCST lead the participation of RCE Chandigarh   in "Sejahtera Art Project" for Sejahtera Centre in Korea on the invitation of RCE Tongyeong, Korea. The Sejahtera Centre is three storied education centre within 200, 000 sq. meter eco-park to serve the RCEs network in Asia-Pacific as the hub. The purpose of Sejahtera Centre is to strengthen partnerships among RCEs in Asia-Pacific and to contribute to the post UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development. Under the Sejahtera Art Project, RCE Tongyeong on accepting the proposal of RCE Chandigarh had sent wooden blocks to paint them on the selected theme, Traditional Knowledge’. The Centre, PSCST conducted the activity and involved the schools of Mohali and Jalandhar. The entry of Sant Isher Singh School Mohali was selected and delegated the work of painting the wooden blocks for Sejahtera Centre on state environment and traditional knowledge of Punjab. The same have been painted and send to RCE Tongyeong Korea. The team work of Sant Isher Singh School, Mohali has been appreciated by other RCE Chandigarh partners.