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Industrial Pollution Control

  • Declaration of whole of the state as Air Pollution Control Area
  • Implementation of Air (Prevention & Control of Pollution) Act, 1981 and Environment (Protection) Act, 1986
  • Systematic identification of pollution sources and follow up action for treatment measures
  • Regular air quality monitoring in industrial areas as per NAAQS
  • Punitive and legal actions against defaulting units
  • Ban on burning of rubber, process waste containing sulfur & toxic substances, rice husk in loose form (except in fluidized bed combustion system)
  • Introduction of PET COKE as an authorized fuel for use in boiler furnace
  • Promotion of pulverized coal and furnace oil instead of coal wherever possible eg. In Mandi Gobindgarh
  • Demonstration of cost effective technologies for control of pollution in small scale units such as cupola furnaces, rice shellers and induction furnaces by PSCST
  • Capacity building of owners & workforce of brick kilns and re-rolling mills by PSCST through on site and off site training programmes for pollution reduction measures
  • Regular awareness campaigns for specific target groups

Status of use of APCDs in Punjab


Large & Medium

(No. of Unit)

Small Scale


(No. of unites)





(No. of unites)




With                Without

APCD             APCD


With              Without

APCD           APCD


Red           Orange      Green


396                     -

6942                 925

9068               -               4912


394                     -

7216                 169

10753           -                7867


507                     -

9027                 116

12238            -                9289


489                     -

9585                   74

12877          25*                 83*


496                 01

 10106               84

13070           679          5860**

Source: Punjab Pollution Control Board, 2012

Vehicular Pollution Control

  • Setting up of 421 pollution checking centers in the state under Motor Vehicle Act, 2009 to check the emission of all types vehicles by Transport Deptt.
  • Implementation of Bharat Stage III fuel norms for passenger cars, heavy diesel vehicles and 2/3 wheelers (as on Sept. 2012)
  • Introduction of lead free petrol in Punjab since 2000
  • Promoting use of battery operated vehicles
  • Promoting biofuels ( 5% blending of ethanol in gasoline)
  • Introduction of CNG as alternative fuel for public transport including auto-rickshaw especially in Amritsar, Jalandhar and Ludhiana
  • Tree plantation drives along all major roads throughout the state

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Control of Pollution from Agricultural Practices: A policy for utilization and management of paddy straw is being formulated by State Government to permanently address the pollution hazard issue associated with open field straw burning   and to ensure handsome returns to the farmers on their huge stock of paddy straw by ensuring its optimum utilization for power generation as a renewable source of non-conventional energy.

Policy for Management and Utilization of Paddy Straw in Punjab 2013

Air Pollution Control Devices