Publication of Newsletter

Newsletter titled “Vulture: An Endangered Bird” (Vol. 13, Issue No. 1& 2) was published by the ENVIS Centre. The article discusses vultures, the most recognized scavengers which are regarded as environmental cleansers. This magnificent bird not only fulfils a vital function in our ecosystem, but also a part of our culture. The article covers the major features & habits, species distribution and population decline.  A serious decline in the population of the main species of vulture has led to a series of meetings and seminars internationally including India in order to address the need for vulture conservation. The major initiatives taken to conserve vultures in India are, ban on the veterinary use of diclofenac drug, establishing vulture conservation breeding centres and vulture safe zones. It is hoped that information compiled in the article will further enhance the knowledge of readers about vultures & motivate them to get involved in conservation, restoration and protection of vultures and their natural habitats.

ENVIS Staff Field Visits

   Jatayu Vulture Conservation Breeding Centre, Pinjore: ENVIS team namely Senior Programme Officer; Information Officer along with Project Associate, wetlands visited Jatayu Vulture Conservation Breeding Centre, Pinjore, set up by Haryana Forest Department and Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS) on 29th Sept.2015 to get an overview of the activities carried out at Vulture Conservation Breeding Centre. An interactive session with Dr. Vibhu Prakash (Principal Scientist, BNHS), Dr. Nimita (Scientist, BNHS), and other Research Scientists of the Centre was held to understand the important aspects of Vulture Conservation programme. 281 birds of three prominent vulture species White backed vulture (Gyps bengalensis ), Long billed vulture (Gyps indicus) & Slender billed vulture(Gyps tenuirostris) are being bred in captivity to enhance the vulture population in the surrounding areas. The Centre has 6 Aviaries, laboratory, veterinary care facility, incubator, brooder room and CCTV cameras for taking care of vultures. The visit to facility provided a first hand Information/data for compilation of Newsletter titled “Vulture: An Endangered Bird” (Vol. 13, Issue No. 1 & 2).

·      “Innovative Integrated Environment friendly agribusiness model at Panchawali, district Fazilka, south- west of Punjab: ENVIS team, Senior Programme Officer and Information Officer visited Fazilka on 28th – 30th July, 2015 to study an “Innovative integrated environment friendly agribusiness model” at village Panchawali, district Fazilka. The facility is being run by Sampuran Agri Ventures Pvt Ltd (SAVPL). ENVIS team studied the Facility and the major features of the Integrated Environment Management model. This project is a combination of different processes and technologies which works in synergy with each other and support to develop end to end solution.  The important features of the model are:

  • Bio-methanisation Technology
  • Bio-gas power generation (1 MW)
  • Paddy Straw utilization
  • Effluent use for the production of value-added products like silica rich fertilizer, H2SO4 and micronutrient rich slurry.

The team also visited the surrounding water-logged areas and discussed environment related problems faced by local people.

 RCE Activities

  • Celebration of   ‘Nature Conservation Day’: Senior Programme Officer, ENVIS held an “Interactive session on conservation of Natural Resources” with of RCE partner, Sant Isher Singh Public School (Eco-club students), Mohali  on Nature Conservation Day  (dated 28th July , 2015). She laid emphasis on a healthy environment and to make aconscious efforts to contribute to the local efforts in conserving nature and the benefits they provide for the present and future generations i.e Sustainable development. After the session, the participants visited the herbal garden within school premises and discussed the importance of herbal plants in daily life. Further, a “Puppetry Show” was also organized for junior school to associate them with nature conservation.
  • Celebratio of   ‘International day for Ozone Preservation’:  Senior Programme Officer, ENVIS participated in celebration of   ‘International day for Ozone Preservation’ with RCE partners, Govt High School, Phase 11, Mohali and Sant Isher Singh School, Mohali. A paper reading contest was held at Govt High School, Phase 11, Mohali. Further, a poster making and co-large making competitions were held at the Sant Isher Singh School, Mohali. The students were given ENVIS Newsletters as prizes.
  •   State Level   Seminar on “A   Perspective on Sustainable Environment”:  Senior Programme Officer, ENVIS delivered a presentation on “Biodiversity Rich Areas in Punjab” in state level seminar on “A Perspective on Sustainable Environment” on 4th September 2015 organized by RCE partner State Council for Educational Research and Training, Punjab  at Bhaddal Institutes , Ropar. The seminar was inaugurated by Mr. Daljit Cheema, Education Minister, Punjab and other resource persons were from Nature Conservation Society (SAS Nagar) and Ms. Shruti Shukla (SCERT). The seminar was attended by 300 teachers from all the districts of Punjab.


CloudSat Students Won Photography Competition

PSCST motivates its CloudSat Education Network (in Punjab, India) partners to participate in various activities and use their skills acquired during implementation of this programme.  Police DAV Public School, Jalandhar, one of the most active schools among CloudSat Network, undertakes many activities to motivate and appreciate the activities of its students. A photography competition was held among the twenty different clubs (based on various activities) within the school. The CloudSat Students (20 in number) won the Photography competition. The CloudSat students take photographs of clouds for submitting the cloud observation readings. Thus, the CloudSat programme has benefitted the students as it has sharpen their photography skills also.