• First Quarterly Brain Storming Session of 21 Northern Region ENVIS Centres ENVIS Secretariat, MOEF&CC, GOI entrusted the ENVIS Centre, PSCST with a responsibility to coordinate and organize Brainstorming session of ENVIS Centres of Northern Region as a 'Lead Centre'. The first quarterly brain storming session of twenty one Northern Region ENVIS Centres comprising fifteen thematic Centres and 6 state centres organised at Chandigarh on 13th May, 2016 and was attended by forty eight participants from twenty ENVIS Centres.

    Mr. Kumar Rajnish, National Program Coordinator (ENVIS), MOEF&CC, GOI gave special remarks about the objective and expectation of the Ministry from Brainstorming Sessions of all the ENVIS Centres of the country, being held zone wise. He requested all the participants to actively participate and give their valuable suggestion/inputs on the agenda points to enable formulation of consolidated recommendations covering all aspects of ENVIS Centres including day to day functioning. He further informed that consolidated recommendation of the session would be placed for the consideration of the Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) of the MOEF&CC, GOI in its next meeting.

    While delivering her inaugural address, Dr. Neelima Jerath, Executive Director, PSCST pointed that all the ENVIS Centres need to be built upon the strengths of each other ENVIS Centre by exchange of information/knowledge, expertise and undertaking collaborative activities with ultimate aim to highlight the importance of ENVIS scheme  to policy planners & decision makers, researchers and general public at large. She stressed that the onus lies on all the ENVIS members to shape up the future of the ENVIS scheme in the era of knowledge based economies and societies. She also requested all the ENVIS Centres for making significant contribution in the conservation and management of natural resources by providing high quality information/data products/reports in their respective domains. She appreciated the unique endeavour of ENVIS Secretariat to strengthen collaboration within the ENVIS Centre by organizing region wise brainstorming session.

              Additional Director (Environment.), PSCST shared his views about ENVIS programme. He stated that the ENVIS is a special scheme of the Ministry which has been serving the entire nation since 1982 with readily available analysed authenticated data on various parameter related to environment issues. In Technical Session-I, all the ENVIS Centres made a brief presentation on "Action Plan for F.Y. 2016-17 and Progress made till date and feedback/suggestions were given by the house. In Technical Session II, the discussions were held on various agenda points provided by ENVIS Secretariat to strengthen ENVIS scheme. The session was moderated by Mr. Kumar Rajnish along with Mr. Gurharminder Singh, Coordinator, Punjab ENVIS Centre. All the agenda points were discussed in length by the house and recommendations were finalized in consensus with all the participating ENVIS Centres for submission to MOEF&CC, GOI.

  • Recognition Award to publication of ENVIS, PSCST & RCE, Chandigarh by  United Nations University, Japan

ENVIS Centre, PSCST in collaboration with Regional Centre for Expertise RCE, Chandigarh has recently published its quarterly newsletter on "Vulture: An Endangered Bird" (Volume 13, No. 1 & 2). The newsletter comprehensively covered the information on the major features & habits, species distribution, population decline and the major initiatives taken in India for conservation of Vultures. The ENVIS Centre, PSCST collected scientific data and consulted experts for preparing the lead article of the newsletter. The publication was online submitted to Global RCE Service Centre, United Nations University-Institute of Advanced Studies of Sustainability (UNU-IAS), Japan by ENVIS Centre, PSCST for consideration for award under Category" Flagship Projects"

        The publication has been recognized and rewarded as "Acknowledged Flagship Project" by a review committee for UNU-IAS, Japan for its role in contributing to capacity development in the field of biodiversity. A certificate has been issued to RCE, Chandigarh by UNU-IAS, Japan in this regard.  This is unique achievement of the ENVIS Centre, PSCST & RCE Chandigarh.

  • Publication of Newsletter

ENVIS Centre published its quarterly newsletter (Vol. 13, Issue No. 4) with a lead article on “Climate Change”. The newsletter covers major evidences, causes and impacts of climate change along with data/information on future projections. The major mitigation and adaptation initiatives being taken at Global, National and State level to combat climate change were discussed in detail. The soft copy of the newsletter has been uploaded on Centre's website i.e. www.punenvis.nic.in for wider dissemination of information/data on the issue of Climate Change.

  • Visit of MOEF & CC, GOI Officer to ENVIS Centre, PSCST

Mr. Kumar Rajnish, National Program Coordinator (NPC) and Mr. Ravi Goswami, Senior Web Developer (ENVIS) from ENVIS Secretariat, Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MOEF &CC), Govt. of India visited Punjab ENVIS Centre, PSCST on 12th & 13th May, 2016 for physical and technical evaluation of the Centre. The ENVIS team gave an online presentation about the contents and data available on Centres website.  The Action Plan of the Centre for the F.Y. 2016-17 was also discussed and visiting officers also provided valuable suggestions to further enhance the visibility of the Centre.  All the physical assets of the Centres including hardware’s & software’s, CD Rom's, publications, reports, query register, etc. were also thoroughly checked by the visiting team. The issue with regard to strengthening of the ENVIS Centre with appropriate infrastructure was also discussed.  The activities of the ENVIS Centre were appreciated by the visiting officers of MOEF & CC, GOI.

  •  Celebration of World Environment Day Celebration, 2016

  1. Brainstorming & Awareness Session: ENVIS Centre organized a brainstorming session to celebrate ‘World Environment Day, 2016’ at Sant Isher Singh School, Phase-7, Mohali. The session was attended by forty five teachers. Ms. Inderjit Sandhu, Principal shared the history and need of celebration of WED. Ms. Ravleen, SPO (ENVIS) introduced the current year’s theme: Go Wild for Life "(zero tolerance for the illegal wildlife trade) to the participants and also gave a detailed presentation on Vultures which is an endangered species and also discussed their importance as environmental cleansers. The participants actively interacted in the session.
  2. Awareness lecture through EDUSAT: SPO, ENVIS and Ms. Shruti Shukla, Deputy Director, SCERT recorded interactive awareness talk on the occasion of World Environment Day, 2016 to reach out to students residing in remote areas of the state through Educational Satellite (EDUSAT) facility, Mohali. The major local environmental concerns were discussed in length during the recording so as to motivate the students and teachers to act as agents of change to protect our environment. The talk would be broadcasted in the month of July to reach out to 3500 senior secondary schools in the state, having EDUSAT terminals.

  • Publication of Awareness Material: As directed by ENVIS Secretariat, ENVIS Centre, PSCST prepared five posters on Swachch Bharat Abhiyan and Environmental Issues to create awareness to accelerate the efforts under Swachch Bharat Abhiyan/Pakhwadas observed throughout the country from 1st to 15th June, 2016.