As many as 500 weavers in the district have benefited from the solar-powered green house scheme of the State Government.

The State Government proposed to subsidise 10,000 weavers across the State for construction of these green houses.

Five hundred and seventy five beneficiaries were selected from the villages in the district.

Weavers in the below poverty line segment were identified and given Rs. 2.6 lakh subsidy (Rs. 2.3 lakh for construction of the house and Rs. 30,000 for the solar energy system) under the scheme.

Construction of 500 houses is complete and the remaining 75 will be ready for occupation in another one month, according to an official press release. Each house has a built-up area of 365 sq.ft and there is space for their loom. M. Muthusamy, Assistant Director of Handloom Department, said, these houses were constructed in 2014-2015 and if the State is given allocation for this year, another 500 houses can be constructed for the weavers in the villages.

According to the release, the State Government has implemented several welfare schemes for the weavers. Under the weavers’ welfare insurance scheme, 11,012 weavers in the district received Rs. 31.29 lakh for health insurance cover. As many as 583 weavers are receiving a monthly pension of Rs. 1000 monthly .

Source: 9 September, 2015, The Hindu