In a first of its kind, a city-based animal welfare organization, Prayas Team Environment Charitable Trust of Surat, in collaboration with Humane Society International (HSI), India has launched a mobile app to provide a sustainable respite to thousands of thirsting birds and street animals from the scorching heat every summer.

Darshan Desai, president of Prayas Team Environment Charitable Trust, said: "Our organization has been distributing thousands of earthen water bowls in summers for many years now. It's the first time that we will get a systematic feedback from the compassionate people who install and take care of the water pot. Surat is now a pioneer in launching an organized effort to have a sustained campaign where we would be able to actually measure the result of the efforts. This unique application will not only help us manage the distribution of pots, but also enable Surat citizens to locate water bowls distributed in different parts of the city and refill them regularly. Our target is to have a water pot mapped so as no bird in the city has to fly more than 100 meters in search of water."

N G Jayasimha, managing director of HIS, India said: "We are aiming to have an app to feed animals all over the country and are looking forward for a successful pilot project here. We request Surat citizens to come forward and help the street animals."

The Bird Tap's launch version is an Android-based app that will help people, once they register, to find the nearest team Prayas centre from where they can get the pot free of cost. The user is then allowed to communicate the installation of the pot and declare the location as public or private. They can add a photo of their pot installed with a GPS location or address or both. The application will remind and help keep a track for filling of the bowl also. The application is backed up by a real time administration web-based interface to keep track of the stocks at various centres and also the distribution.

HIS, India is constantly on the lookout for innovative and sustainable methods to help and save animals across different parts of the country. In the recent past, HIS, India has collaborated with local animal welfare organizations to resolve animal cruelty issues, train local animal welfare advocates and educate the community on the need to foster compassion towards animals.


Source: 7 May, 2015, The Times of India