To monitor the status of waterbirds and wetlands, the Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS) will be conducting Asian Waterbird Count in association with Wetlands International from January 9-24.

The objective of the annual census, which will be conducted all over India, is to obtain information about the waterbird population in wetlands during non-breeding season as it forms a basis for evaluation of sites and monitoring of populations. The census is also expected to monitor the status and condition of wetlands and promote greater interest about conservation of waterbirds and wetlands.

Director of BNHS Deepak Apte said, "With changing times and increasing anthropogenic pressure, monitoring of wetlands is essential. Initiatives like these encourage mass participation and hence result in better data generation."

Participants can directly send the information on and The data can also be submitted through, which is a real time online checklist programme. Participants can download the forms available on BNHS, IBCN and Wetlands International websites and are expected to cover the most important waterbird sites in their areas. "They should report the presence as well as absence of waterbirds at a wetland, which is known to have held significant number of birds in the past. If possible, they should also give a reason for the absence of birds which can include various threats to habitat," said Apte.

Source: January 6, 2015 The Economic Times