Local officials of Punjab Pollution Control Board (PPCB) have sought action against a hospital based in Sarabha Nagar for allegedly dumping medical waste near the MC's zone D office in the area.

PPCB environmental Engineer Ashok Sharma said they caught a cart-puller dumping the medical waste in the area and he informed them about the hospital sending him to dump it. Sharma said they have taken photographs of the waste dumped in the open. "We have filed a report against the hospital and sent it to higher authorities, recommending action against the hospital," he said.

A sources in PPCB said that the hospital authorities had said the man was a garbage collector and had unknowingly collected medical waste as normal waste. However, the PPCB official said no matter whose mistake it was, action would be taken against the hospital.

Source: April 4, 2016, The Times of India