As the northern region is witnessing a rise in the mercury level, growers in Punjab have been advised to irrigate their crops mainly fruits and vegetables to save them from getting burnt due to heat.

Experts have also advised farmers to keep the cattle in a cool environment especially buffaloes in order to minimise the impact of heat stress on milch animals.

Blistering heat wave conditions have been prevalent in Punjab with mercury soaring to around 42-45 °C.

“We are advising farmers to irrigate horticulture crops like fruit and vegetables regularly as prevalent high temperature can lead to burning of plants which will adversely impact the crop,” Haryana Horticulture Department, Joint Director, DS Yadav said today.

Experts said fruits like kinnow, guava, mango, litchi and vegetables such as tomatoes, bottle gourd and okra were sensitive to heat wave and their yield might dip if recommended irrigation was not followed by growers.

Source: May 19, 2016, The Tribune