Chief Agriculture Officer of Moga district Dr Sukhdev Singh Brar has appealed to the farmers to use latest techniques and transplant paddy after June 15 to save underground water.

He was addressing a meeting of representatives of various farm unions and progressive farmers of the area here yesterday. He said heat wave conditions would probably ease after June 15 with pre-monsoon showers expected in the region. As such, less water would be required for irrigation.

“The move will help check groundwater depletion. May and June are hot and dry months when evaporation of water is the maximum. Early transplantation of paddy during these months leads to groundwater depletion,” he said. He has also asked the farmers to sow paddy seeds directly instead of traditional method of first preparing the saplings and then transplanting them. “Agricultural scientists have advocated this new technique, which has shown good results,” he said.

Meanwhile, Dr Jaswinder Singh Brar, a state awardee agriculture officer, said in most parts of this district the groundwater had depleted at an alarming rate in the past few years.

Moga-1, Moga-2 and Nihalsinghwala blocks in this district had already been declared dark zones by the Central Groundwater Commission. “Therefore, it is the need of hour to adopt modern technology of direct transplantation of paddy. Otherwise, the day is not far when the whole area will turn into a barren land. To save generations, we need to sensitise ourselves and protect underground water and other natural resources,” he added.

Source: May 6, 2016, The Tribune