Chairman, Environment Pollution (Prevention & Control) Authority for Delhi-NCR & Member, Supreme Court Monitoring Committee, Dr. Bhure Lal asked India Inc. to invigorate and intensify its R&D efforts for generating sufficient solar energy for India's mass consumption and enable it breath in pure air.

With this assuming a priority at policy making levels with closer partnership between various and multiple government arms on the one hand and industry on the other, the increasing menace of air and other pollutions can be effectively tackled as so long as India's dependence on fossil fuels stays on, the danger of pollution would continue to hold on our lives, he added.

Inaugurating a Workshop on Issues & Challenges of Air Pollution in Delhi under aegis of PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Dr. Bhure Lal pointed out that all fuels made and culled out of any form of hydro carbons are not pollution free though diesel remains one of the worst among these.

Therefore, the need of hour is to gradually suspend the use of diesel and petrol guzzling mode of transport to curtail vehicular pollution with finding and effective alternate solution through generation of solar energy. Even coal, thermal and hydro generated energy is full of pollutants elements and therefore, needs to be replaced with alternate source of energy, emphasized Dr. Bhure Lal.

Another solution prescribed by Dr. Lal during the workshop for containment of air pollution was by way of undertaking massive lifestyle changes by the masses in which the excessive usages of generate sets, refrigerators and ACs should be forgone as these sources of energy equally contribute to air and other pollutions.

Special Secretary (Environment) Government of NCT of Delhi, Mr. Kulanand Joshi who also spoke on the occasion laid emphasis on improved public transportation by stating the Government of NCT of Delhi would in a years time put in place an effective public transport with CNG fed fuel that would substantially reduce the air pollution.

According to him, a comprehensive action plan is being evolved by the Delhi Government for improving upon the deteriorating environment eco-system and its results would be seen with proper action as well as enforcement and many stakeholders have to come together to address the issue as Delhi has become a trading hub.

Director, Research and Advocacy, CSE Clean Campaign, Ms. Anumita Roy Chowdhury in her presentation blamed the fire that engulfed part of Haryana and Punjab for further increasing air pollution in and around Delhi when the second phase of odd-even formula was progressing, especially after 24th of April as in its first phase up to 10 days, the element of air pollution had shown improvements in its air quality. She also emphasized that lot has been done in Delhi to curb air pollution but still many things have to be done and we have to main the momentum.

President, PHD Chamber, Dr. Mahesh Gupta in his opening remarks blamed the people of India for playing havoc with its environment and ecology and suggested that we better change our habits and attitudes towards environment to make this mother earth a place for happier and inhabitation.

Ex-Director, Greencindia Consulting, Mr. K D Chaudhury, said the solution for reducing air pollution lies in arresting the sources of pollution in multiple sector and their industrial activities. Moreover proper monitoring and management of emission inventories is need of the hour in Delhi and NCR.

Source: May 19, 2016, Business Standard