The celebrity Murrah bull, Yuvraj, will be a major attraction at the upcoming global Agritech Meet 2016, Gram, in Jaipur.

Murrah is a world famous high-yielding breed said to have its origins in Haryana's Rohtak and Jind districts. The breed is also found in western UP.

Yuvraj, which has graced cattle shows across north India, will be among the cows and buffaloes from high-yielding breeds on show at Gram, said agriculture minister Prabhulal Saini.

The bull was in the news earlier when its owner Karamveer, of Kurukshetra in Haryana, turned down a Rs 7 crore offer to sell it. Karamvir had also been offered Rs 9 crore by a South African for Yuvraj, but he has refused part with the bull. Yuvraj has been a cash cow for his owner and earns him Rs 50 lakh annually via the sale of sperm and appearances at cattle shows.

Yuvraj is considered a perfect specimen of the Murrah breed, and has won 17 awards at national competitions. The bull is 14 feet long and over 6 feet tall. "He drinks 20 litres of milk a day, eats 5kg of apples and 15kg of very fine quality cattle feed. He also takes a 4 kilometre walk daily," Karamvir said.

The bull has fathered over 1.5 lakh calves through sperm donation. Yuvraj's mother was a buffalo who produced nearly 25 litres of milk a day. His sperm has been in great demand across almost all the northern states. He generates 3.5 to 5ml of high-quality semen daily that is diluted to increase the volume to 35ml.

Currently, the dose of semen used for artificially inseminating Murrah buffaloes, 0.25ml, costs close to Rs 1,500. Saini said the Murrah crossbreeds of Yuvraj from Hanumangarh would be displayed at Gram as well.

Source: November 7, 2016, The Times of India