With Mumbai struggling to effectively manage 9000 metric tonnes of garbage that it generates daily, an environmental organisation has initiated a unique project, under which it will not only assess but also map and create a database of all those Mumbaikars who have been using various ways of composting garbage with an aim of linking them with citizens.

According to Sonal Alvares, who is the Head of Ekonnect Knowledge Foundation (EKF), the project began from April 1 and the report may be released by June 5, which is observed as World Environment Day. There was an urgent need to create such a database for Mumbai as there was no guide to 'Household Waste Management' available to help citizens take an informed decision on the best-fit solution for them.

"The findings including the comparative analysis and recommendations will also be included in the compilation at the end of this project," she said. She also added that the guide can be made available at the ward offices and on the website to encourage citizens to take up composting and begin the process of managing their waste.

Dr Prasad Modak Founder of EKF said, "Not only will the citizens have information on what solutions are available, but also who are the ones implementing such solutions in their vicinity. We hope this it will convert large numbers of active citizens into managing their own waste reducing the burden on the landfills."

Modak added that in their second phase of this project, they want to put all this information online so that people can access an online map and find individuals who have implemented garbage management or even find out solution providers.

According to Gopal Jhaveri an activist based in Borivali while everybody was talking about composting and garbage segregation there was hardly any information available about individuals or organisations who are using different methods or composting nor there is any rating of the techniques. “The city is generating a huge amount of garbage and unfortunately BMC has completely failed in properly promoting waste segregation and composting due to their own vested interest. Citizens can benefit a lot from this project,” he said.

Source: 13 Apr 2017, www.dnaindia.com