Power sector experts believe that the country restored immense possibilities in the field of utilisation of renewable energy which could work wonders in especially in states like Jharkhand. However, most of them also believe that the political will-power and government’s extra-mile approach needed to take things forward.

In an All India two-Day Seminar on Power Sector: Recent Advancements, Opportunities and Challenges Ahead (RAOCAPS 2017) which started on Saturday in MECON Community Hall, MECON Limited Chairman cum Managing Director (CMD) Atul Bhatt said during inaugural session that the company was ready to provide all kinds of support in exploring possibilities if and when industry demanded.

The seminar is being organised by The Institution of Engineers (India), Jharkhand State Centre under the aegis of ICC, IEI in association with MECON Limited where experts and leaders of the industry like IEI (JSC) Chairman Sanjay Sen, ICC (ICI) Chairman AK Saxena, Damodar Vally Corporation (DVC) Member (Technical) RP Tripathy, OPTCL and GRIDCO Director (Finance) BP Mahapatra, UJVNL Managing Director SN Verma, MECON Ltd General Manager Sanjeev Kumar and dozens of others apart from delegates were also present.

About 22 renowned companies including Triveni Turbine, AVCON Controls, BCH Electric, Forbes Marshall, SIEMENS, Honeywell, BDI, RITTAL India, Agni Control, Thermocables Pvt Ltd are participating in Technical Exhibition and have put up their stalls.

The pioneer of solar energy in country and Energy Expert Committee Member (Government of India) Dr SP Gon Chaudhuri said that the country needed to experience energy freedom in which power sector tycoons kept themselves restricted to big industries and common men used on or off-grid solar power generation at home and used it according to their will. “As many as 30 Crores of population of India is still deprived of electricity. They will be immensely benefitted if we try to provide them opportunity of producing, utilizing and even sale of electricity in form of solar energy,” said Chaudhuri which had started a low-capacity solar power station in a remote area of North-East in 1980s.

However, eminent Oncologist and renowned Scientist Thakur Ramesh Singh Chouhan stressed upon requirement of pushing solar power wisely as it was causing extinction of many bird species due to reflected heat in skies around it.

He also said that high-tension electricity lines were causing erosion of electro-magnetic area of earth and causing serious health concerns in population residing even as far as two kilometres away from the lines.

Source: 13 August, 2017, The Pioneer