For lowering the din of celebrations, the Punjab Pollution Control Board (PPCB) on Monday made it mandatory for the marriage palaces to limit the music volume to the precincts of its palaces.

Taking into consideration the matter relating to the noise generated by the playing of DJ system and other loud musical instruments in the open lawns of the marriage palaces contributing to the ambient air noise pollution, the Board has issued the advisory to the marriage palace owners and he DJ operators asking them to control the “noise pollution” in the marriage palaces.

The advisory was issued after the Board held a meeting with the Punjab State Marriage Palaces Associations and the DJ operators to apprise them about the noise pollution “generated by the playing of DJ systems and other loud musical instruments in the open lawns leading to various ill effects on humans and animals”, said PPCB chairman Kahan Singh Pannu.

“The high volume DJ systems and other musical instruments in the open lawns of marriage palaces contribute to the ambient noise pollution which cause impulsive increase in the ambient air noise levels beyond the permissible standards leading to inconvenience to the general public having deleterious effect on health of living beings and psychological well-being of the people,” pointed Pannu adding that that was why the Board has decided to issue the advisory to all the marriage palace owners that DJ and any other loud sound producing musical systems shall be installed and played only inside the halls of marriage palaces.

He added that the marriage palace owners and the DJ operators have been advised “in public interest to set up and play DJ and other loud sound producing musical systems only inside the halls of marriage palaces and the sound level of the DJ or loud speakers systems be kept at a level that it does not become available beyond the boundary limits of the marriage palaces”.

The copy of advisory has also been sent to the Principal Secretary for Department of Science, Technology and Environment, the state Director General of Police, and all Deputy Commissioners, for necessary action.

Besides, the Chief Engineers or Senior Environmental Engineers and Environmental Engineers of all Regional Offices of the Board have also been given the copy with a request that the same be handed over to all the marriage palace owners and DJ owners for information and necessary action.

Pannu pointed that the noise has been defined under the Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1981, as an air pollutant which may tend to be injurious to the human beings and other living creatures if the levels of noise in the ambient air exceed the prescribed standards.

“To maintain, regulate and control ambient air noise, the Union Government has notified the Noise Pollution (Regulation and Control) Rules, 2000, under the provisions of Environment (Protection) Act, 1986, and has prescribed the ambient air noise standards,” he added.

Pannu further pointed that the Punjab Government, vide notification dated February 26, 2014, has notified the comprehensive guidelines for the regulation of noise or sound pollution and maintenance of ambient air quality standards.

Source: 01 May 2018, The Pioneer