SUBJECT :Animal Husbandry 

A cow from the Satluj dairy farm from Ludhiana has created a new record by yielding 61.8 kg of milk per day during the competition being held at the national livestock championship at Muktsar.

Daljeet Singh Sadarpura’s Holstein Friesian breed cow has broken the previous national record of 58.880 kg milk by a cow by yielding 61.8 kg of milk during the milk yield competitions held on Sunday,” said Dr Harinderjeet Singh Sandha, director, animal and husbandry, Punjab.

Ravinder Singh’s cow from Amritsar stood second with 58.723 kg milk while Harpreet Singh’s cow from Moga stood third with 58.593 kg milk.

Gurmail Singh’s Sahiwal cow from Muktsar has also created a new record by yielding 22.733 kg of milk.

The two types of cow breeds Sahiwal and Holstein Friesian are popular among the dairy farmers and the department of animal and husbandry is helping the farmers to improve their breed so that the farmers can get more milk from their cows. But dairy farmers mostly prefer Holstein Friesian breed because they produce more than cow of the Sahiwal breed.

Source: 13 January, 2015, Hindustan Times