SUBJECT :Biodiversity 

A total of 18 vultures were found dead during the last two days in Shuklaphanta Wildlife Reserve.

Chief Conservation Officer Bed Kumar Dhakal stated that 18 vultures, the natural environmental cleanser, were found dead on Thursday and Friday after the Piparaiya area was opened to locals living around the reserve area for Khada Khadai or cutting of thatch grass.

Dhakhal said the reason behind the death of such a large number of vultures at a single time is not revealed yet. He, however, added that as two cows were also found dead near the site, it can be assumed that smugglers have used pesticides in them.

“The vultures that consumed the carcass of those cows could have died because of the poison,” he added.

He further added that tests of the dead vultures would be carried out by sending the samples to Dhangadhi and Kathmandu.

Source: December 27, 2015, The Himalayan Times