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Man’s well being depends upon the environment in which he lives. In his effort to ‘develop’ he has been constantly interacting with his environment, the extent of interaction changing over time & space. In fact, the knowledge & utilization of resources has determined the stages of development of civilization. The irony, however, is that though, throughout the history of civilizations, they flourished around water and has worshipped nature but at the same time, their activities have proven detrimental to its quality. Development is necessary which cannot be reversed, but to ensure sustainable water availability, it is necessary to maintain the balance between availability and requirement.

Water is a precious natural resource. The National water Policy of 1987 recognizes that water is prime natural resources and a basic need of human life. Water is the most important input for all developmental activities. It is necessary to develop, conserve, utilize and economically manage this critically important resource on an integrated basis so as to meet the ever-growing demand for agriculture, industry and power generation.

The National Water Policy emphasis on the need to estimate water resources on a river basins and plan the allocation and utilization of water resources within each river basin .In this context prioritization needs to be controlled and monitored so that human consumption actually gets first priority over agriculture, industry and power generation. Water quality also plays an important role in the National Water Policy. Improvements in existing techniques & innovation of new will be needed to eliminate the pollution of surface and ground water resources to improve water quality and step-up the recycling and reuse of waste water for industrial /agricultural uses. The water related environmental aspects need to be given due importance to ensure the sustainability of water resources development and protect the environment for future generations.

In India, water resources, rainfall & runoff are unevenly distributed in space & time giving rise to various issues or problems. Also the prevailing living styles are making the precious water resource exhaustive both in terms of quantity and quality. There is dire necessity for active coordination and networking among common man and line departments to create awareness of the extent of the problem and potential solutions associated with the management of water resources.

The present website has, therefore been launched to build bridges between sources and users of information and become a part of the process of larger process of attaining sustainable development. It has the following objectives:

  • Identify and highlight the issues related to Water Resource Management

  • Creation of Database covering all the aspects of Water Resource Management

  • Compliation of News items and events on Water Resource Management

  • Establishing linkages with information users and providers from different sectors

  • Responding to queries related to subject area

The website will meet its objectives if it is able to generate serious thought and discussion about the water resource management problems of India so that scientific solutions are evolved and concerted action is taken to implement them jointly by the Government and the Public.

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