2nd Feb

World Wetland Day

Students may be called for discussion on What is wetlands, Importance of wetland, Ramsar Convention, Managing wetlands and Biodiversity in wetland.

21 March

World Forestry Day

Celebrate World Forestry Day by doing activities such as the planting of trees and highlighting the urgency to increase the green cover.

22 April

Earth Day

Discover Earth Day activities for students including games, art projects, crafts and other Earth Day ideas. Let them find Earth Day information, activities and events to remind them of the importance of green living and sustainable lifestyles.

5th June

World Environment Day

You can make a difference – individual actions, when multiplied, can make an exponential difference to the planet!

17th June

World Day to Combat Desertification & Drought

Discuss on drought and desertification, its implications on society and ways to minimize the problem among the students.

1st week of July


Students may be encouraged to share on importance of this vanamohatsav week, its history and let them do some exercise on biodiversity & plant as many as tree.

11 July

World Population Day

World Population Day aims to increase people’s awareness on various population issues such as the importance of family planning, including gender equality, poverty, maternal health and human rights. Let the students share their information through competitions.

16th September

International Day for the preservation of the Ozone layer

Share information about atmosphere, ozone, CFC, acid rain among students. Let them invite for participation in competition. They can go for awareness campaign on ecofriendly products.

1st week of October

Wildlife week

Let us share information about types animals, habitat, extinct, endangered species, food web, food chain, natural cycles among students and importance of each species in ecological balance. Students can go to local nearby park and help visitors as guide.

4th October

Animal Welfare Day

We can discuss on importance of animals. Activities like giving unused foods, put a bin of water in the campus, make artificial nest in trees etc.

2nd December

National Pollution Prevention Day

Share information about types of pollution, about reduction, laws, local issues and finding solution from students. Promote ecofriendly practices like ban of polythene, use of cycle or by walk, plantation, water conservation practices.

 14th December

 National Energy  Conservation Day

 It is celebrated to aware people about the importance of energy as well as saving or conserving the more energy by using less energy. The exact means of energy conservation is using less energy by avoiding the unnecessary uses of energy.