A progressive farmer of Dharamgarh village of the district, who has been farming on 305 acres without burning straw, has become a source of inspiration for others.

Inderjit Singh uses modern farming machinery for the proper handling of straw. He spreads the straw in his fields with the help of Rotavator and then sows wheat.

He has appealed to farmers not to burn the straw and use fertilisers as per the recommendations and varieties approved by experts of Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana.

He said the burning of straw not only caused pollution-related diseases, but also killed friendly insects in fields. “The fire burns the soul of our motherland, which nurtures us and provides us with everything,” he added.

He called upon the farmers to avail benefits of various schemes of the state government. “The government is giving agricultural machinery to individual farmers at 50 per cent subsidy and to farmer groups, panchayats and co-operative societies at 80 per cent subsidy,” he said.

He owns 11 acres and has taken 300 acres on lease. He got paddy harvested with a combine having Super SMS facility. He said he sowed the wheat with a happy seeder, which not only increased the yield, but also enhanced the fertility of the land.


Source: The Tribune, November 03, 2020