Though the state has launched Covid vaccination for police personnel and frontline healthcare workers, the virus seems to have lost its sting in Punjab.

The number of cases in January came down to just 6,754 and there were 274 deaths, which is less than half of the cases reported in December.

The cases reported in January were just a little more than 11 per cent of the cases reported in September, when it was the peak of the viral disease. In September, around 60,000 cases and around 2,000 deaths were reported. Following that, the cases started declining and over the next two months. December onwards, the case count came down to around 14,500. Experts said the decline would continue in February. The state reported 207 cases and two deaths — one each from Hoshiarpur and Faridkot — in the past 24 hours.

Source: February 07, 2021, The Tribune