The ongoing pandemic is triggering stress in a large number of people. The category of patients includes students, especially from Class XII and young professionals. Hospital OPDs in Ludhiana are receiving at least 10 such patients every day. On World Hypertension Day today, the load of patients with high BP and stress has increased manifold.

People are losing jobs, facing financial crisis and students are having a tough time. Dr Bishav Mohan, senior cardiologist, DMCH, said the pandemic had increased the number of people suffering from hypertension.

“Many students are coming to the OPD these days. They are mostly those studying in Class XII. Since the board has yet not announced anything about their exam schedule, it is causing panic among them. Professionals are facing tough times due to the ongoing pandemic as some lost their jobs, others are facing salary cuts and thus becoming prone to hypertension,” he said.

He said such patients were reassured that everything would become fine with time and were told to do breathing exercises. Not medicines but counselling helps such patients to recover. Dr Sandeep Chopra, additional director, cardiology, Fortis Hospital, said he was getting eight-10 patients with stress issues in his OPD every day.

Source: 17 May, 2021, The Tribune