After 6mm rain, the city’s maximum temperature dropped to 26°C on Friday, which was the coldest April day over the past 50 years, as per data available with the Punjab Agricultural University.

According to Prabhjyot Kaur Sidhu, head, department of climate change and agricultural meteorology, PAU, this was the first time that the city recorded such a fall in mercury in April since the meteorological observatory was set up in 1970.

The last low, at 30°C, was seen on April 23, 1994, and since then the maximum temperature in the month remained higher.

At 15.4°C, the minimum temperature on Friday was also the lowest since April 23, 1992.

Just nine days ago, the temperature had shot up to 38.2°C on April 14 and dropped by over 12 notches to settle at 26°C on Friday, Sidhu said.

While the rising temperature had forced residents to switch on the air conditioners, the sudden change in weather had them pulling out their warm clothes again.

Source: 24 April, 2021, Hindustan Times