Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) has been granted the patent for “Fermentation process for enhanced glucose production from sweet sorghum bagasse using acidothermophilic fungal cellulases” by the Indian Patent Office, government of India, New Delhi.

The patent has been awarded for 20 years as per provisions of the Patents Act. This is the 15th Indian patent granted to PAU and second to Dr GS Kocher, a principal microbiologist at the university. The team also includes his doctorate student, Ritika, from department of microbiology, PAU, and Dr HS Oberoi, scientist, CIPHET.

According to Dr Kocher, under the invention, since the fermentation process uses thermophilic fungus, refrigeration during enzyme production and/ or hydrolysis is not needed, which results in energy as well as cost efficiency.

Dr Kocher said the invention was in line with the Biofuel Policy, 2018, of Union ministry of petroleum and natural gas, whereby higher emphasis had been laid on agricultural lignocellulosic residues as substrate (2G) for bioethanol production as more funding and incentives to start-ups have been provided.

Vice-chancellor Anirudh Tiwari and other senior faculty members congratulated Dr Kocher and his team for the achievement.


Source: 06 September, 2021, Hindustan Times