SUBJECT :Climate 

A new international study has shown that climate change could be very detrimental to global wheat production. South Asia, including India, could be amongst the worst hit if remedial actions are not taken on time.

The study titled — Rising temperatures reduce global wheat production – published in ‘Nature Climate Change’ shows that global wheat production is estimated to fall by 6% for each degree Celsius of temperature increase.

This study, based on a multimodel ensemble and linked to field data, provides global temperature impact assessment for wheat production.

There are several adaptation options to counter the adverse effects of climate change on global wheat production — and for some regions these will be critical. Pramod Aggarwal, one of the authors from India in this multinational study, said “Fortunately we have enough technological opportunities available in India at present which can help us reduce the impact of climate change. But these require quick action.”

Source: 15 January, 2015, Hindustan Times