SUBJECT :Agriculture 

Stating that poplar plantation apart from bringing economic gains helps in environmental purification, the deputy commissioner Ravi Bhagat urged farmers in border areas to grow the species of trees to boost their income.

He said under the agricultural diversification, the forest department of Punjab had initiated the scheme of providing good quality poplar plants free of cost to the farmers in the year 2013-14.

He added factors like fast growth, straight trunk, multiutility wood have given poplar agro-forestry an edge over simple agricultural practices. “So more and more farmers should adopt it,” he said. “Poplar lagao, dhan kamao’ scheme is being implemented throughout the state and tall poplars are being given on first come first serve basis,” he said.

He added as poplar is planted only during the month of January and February, the farmers interested in poplar-based agro-forestry can make the most of this opportunity. “The field where poplars are planted can be used for cultivating all kinds of produce, except rice. Moreover, poplar wood and bark is the most preferred raw material for making plywood, matchsticks, boards, boxes for packaging, sports goods and pencils,” he said.

Source: 13 January, 2015, Hindustan Times