As many as 36,905 trees will be felled to make way for four highway projects and a railway overbridge (ROB) in the Bathinda zone.

More trees will be planted on completion of work by the agency assigned the job of widening the roads.

These trees along the highways will be maintained by the Forest Department after the agency finishes work on the Bathinda-Barnala road (NH-64), the Mansa-Talwandi road, the railway overbridge on the Bathinda-Malout road, the Goniana-Bathinda road (NH-15) and the Bhawanigarh-Kotshamir state highway.

Talking to the Tribune, The Divisional Forest Officer, Sanjiv Tewari, said: “Tree plantation along the roadsides, that is mandatory, will be handled by the agency that is allotted the road project. Prior to that, we will be launching a plantation drive along the Lasara and Chanderbhan drain.

“The department has already commenced work on earmarking land available for plantation in Bir Dyalpura Bhaika, Bir Talab, Bir Mandi Phul and Bir Phul villages.

A reputed botanist, the Vice Chancellor of the Central University, Bathinda, Prof RK Kohli, said all major plantations should have assessment records which should be maintained till the saplings grow into full-fledged trees.

A senior officer in the district administration pointed out that the Bathinda Municipal Corporation had spent Rs 4.32 lakh on 12,500 saplings of which more than half had withered away.

Trees to be axed
  • Bathinda-Barnala road: 23,324 trees to be axed
  • Goniana-Bathinda road: 7,485 trees to be axed
  • Bhawanigarh-Kotshamir road: 4,687 trees to be axed
  • Mansa-Talwandi road:1,311 trees to be axed
  • Bathinda-Malout road:98 trees to be axed

Source: 6 February, 2015, The Tribune