SUBJECT :Agriculture 
Punjab government on Wednesday issued strict warning to the farmers who are burning paddy straw despite complete ban and has warned of strict action under various provisions of the Pollution Act. Agriculture Minister Tota Singh said: “It is a matter of great regret that despite educative campaign launched by the department regarding ill effect of straw burning, farmers are burning the straws.” He said that nobody would be allowed to pollute the air by burning straws and the district administration has been directed to book the erring farmers under the relevant provisions of pollution act. Advising farmers to use creatively paddy straw to improve the productivity of soil, Singh said: “The Agriculture Department has been continuously advising farmers to use spreader to help distributing straw in field which can be used as a fertilisers to enhance the yield of crops.” He further said that through modified combine harvester, straw could be used in a creative manner. “Instead of burning, spreader can be use to distribute straw in the field which is basically a combine harvester fitted with a rear straw management system (SMS). It will also fulfil the need of nitrogen and improve the soil quality.” DP


Source: 14 May, 2015, Daily Post