SUBJECT :Sanitation 

Mohali will soon become one of the few cities to have the facility of 'digital sanitation'.

The town has been divided into 350 beats. Uniformed municipal corporation workers will be at work with dustbins. They will be monitored by three chief sanitary inspector and 36 sanitary inspectors. The sanitary inspector will go to their respective beats every day and click pictures on his mobile phone. They will be uploaded on the web, which residents could check.

Moreover, residents can complain about littering via mobile application of the civic body. The system of digital sanitation will be inaugurated by deputy chief minister Sukhbir Singh Badal.

Apart from this, Mohali after scoring highest marks in the smart city competition and getting more percentile than Chandigarh will get advanced and modern broom trucks. The cleaning would be observed by the MC commissioner and other designated officer via GPS system attached on the trucks.

Gupta said, "These machines are helping keep the Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi clean. The work of the company will be monitored by the teams designated by the MC. The digital sanitation will go on roads from Thursday. It is our mission to clean the city and make it more beautiful than Chandigarh."

Roads would be cleaned during night time so that traffic was not disrupted in the day. Apart from cleaning the roads, the company will also wash paver blocks all over the town twice a week.

Source: 6 August, 2015, The Times of India