SUBJECT :Climate Change 
Weather experts at the Aryabhatt Research Institute of Observational Sciences (ARIES), Nainital, today said global warming in the stratosphere of the earth had affected the atmosphere of the world in recent times as well as monsoon forecasting, due to symptoms of extreme event in general monsoon.

“Despite the weather department forecasting lesser rains in the country, some parts have witnesses extreme rains, belying the forecasts. These are the ‘extremes in monsoon’ which have developed due to the effects of global warming on the monsoon waves,” said the scientists at ARIES.

“After the extremes in warming as well as cooling, extremes in weather system have now started giving extremes in monsoon too, which evidence in sudden speedy rains or no rains for days in monsoon months in the recent decades,” said Dr Manish Naja, an atmosphere scientist at ARIES Nainital.

Due to global warming, the temperature of the earth had gone two degree Celsius up in the last 100 years, which had resulted in rising of sea water level, posing danger of submergence to islands countries.

Source: 6 August, 2015, The Tribune