Vehicles causing pollution will have to pay the fine for being on the road. Regional Transport Office (RTO), Lucknow, will begin a drive against polluting vehicles on Friday.

The move comes after high air pollution level was recorded in the city. All commercial and private vehicles will be checked and those that fail to produce Pollution Under Control Certificate (PUCC) will be issued a challan.

"It's only after PUCC for a vehicle is produced that challan will be cleared," said RTO (enforcement), Lucknow, LK Mishra. A fine of Rs 1,000 will be slapped on polluting vehicles.

Pollutants emitted by a petrol engine include oxides of carbon, nitrogen and sulphur along with hydrocarbons and lead. It's the quantity of carbon monoxide (CO) in the smoke which is checked for PUCC. If the smoke has less than 3% CO concentration, the vehicle is considered non-polluting and issued a PUCC.

In case of diesel vehicles, it is the smoke density which is checked for pollution. If density of the smoke emitted by the vehicle is less than 65 Hartridge Smoke Unit (HSU), the vehicle is certified as non-polluting. While '0' HSU means smoke is invisible, 100 HSU means smoke is thick and opaque.

PUCC is issued by agencies authorised by the transport department. Lucknow has more than 100 such agencies, the location of which can be obtained from the RTO.

Source: January 1, 2016, The Times of India