Seventy five major cities in the country will be ranked basing on sanitation and hygiene conditions there. The ranking will come after more than a year of the launch of Swachh Bharat Mission in October last year.

The Union ministry of urban development has commissioned a survey, Swachh Survekshan, to assess clealiness in cities based on the parameters. The survey, to be conducted in  January, will be carried out by Quality Council of India.

General public will have a major say in the survey and cities will be given ranks based on the examination.

Joint secretary of Swachh Bharat Mission Shubha Thakur told reporters here on Wednesday that  the focus would be on the feedback of citizens and solid waste management.

Data to evaluate sanitation and hygienic conditions in a city will be gathered from citizens through independent observation and from municipal bodies.

In August, Hyderabad was awarded a dismal 275th rank out of 476 cities in a Swachh Survey commissioned by the Union ministry. Asked about the basis of the ranking, she said the survey had been taken up before Swachh Bharat was launched, and certain factors which were outside the jurisdiction of the municipalities were also considered.

“This time, nothing will be outside the limits of municipalities. Focus will be on solid waste management. We will have real-time data collection,” she said.

Thakur said building 1.04 crore individual toilets, 2.52 lakh community toilets, 2.56 lakh public toilets are the goals of the mission.

“We will achieve all our targets by 2019. The difficult task is solid waste management which includes collection, transport and disposal of solid waste,” she said.

Source: December 31, 2015, The New Indian Express