Residents of cantonment area may soon get innovative water dispensers, known as water ATMs. The installation of such dispensers would be feasible for locals who need clean drinking water when they are out of home, especially during the summer months.

Water ATMs will function like regular ATMs, where users can swipe a card and select the amount of water they intend to draw from the kiosk. A user will be able to draw a maximum of 20 litres at a time. Money will be deducted from the smart card, depending on the volume of water drawn from the ATM. Each ATM will operate as a standalone water kiosk with a capacity of 500 litres. It will be is filled up to 300-400 litres to ensure that water gets consumed completely.

To speed up the process, chief executive officer of the Meerut Cantt Board (MCB), Rajeev Shrivastava, met officials of Piramal Sarvjal to discuss the setting up of water ATMs on Wednesday.

Source: December 30, 2015, The Times of India