Ms A Sharada Devi, Emeritus Scientist, College of Home Science, Agriculture University, Hyderabad, has called upon the textile industries to adopt eco-friendly dyeing technologies for clean and green environment.

Addressing the two-day national conference on ‘Emerging strategies in green textiles and sustainable fashion’ organised by the Alagappa Institute of Skill Development here on Tuesday, she said as the country was confronted with pollution issues, it has become imperative for textile industries to adopt strategies for using eco-dyeing technologies.

She expressed concern that the consequences of environmental pollution owing to artificial dyeing colours was on the rise. “Use of eco-friendly products such as natural dye and eco-fabrics would go a long way in addressing the pollution issues,” she said.

Presiding over the conference, Prof S Subbiah, Vice Chancellor, Alagappa University, said gone were the days when the European countries dominated the textile sector. A century ago, European countries monopolised the textile sector but now, most of the Asian countries have become hubs of textile industries,” he said.

About 50 per cent of global textile production has come from countries such as India, China, Bangladesh, Vietnam and Indonesia, he said adding the textile industry provided direct employment to more than 45 million people in India. The conference should help the participants to adopt strategies for coming out with natural and organic clothing, which was free from herbicides and pesticides, he said.

T.R. Vijayakumar, General secretary, Tirupur exporters’ association said Tirupur has emerged as the major knitwear export hub and about seven lakh workers contributed to the success of the sector.

By adopting modern technologies, the industries started using recycled water and saved enormous amount of water, he said. Prof P Sivakumar, Dean, Faculty of Education, Alagappa University and K. Mohana Sundaram, Managing Director, Priya Knit Faabs, Tirupur offered felicitations.

Source: January 11, 2017, The Hindu